Warhammer Fonts

a collection of fonts for WHFB, WH40k, & AoS through the ages

This is a (partial) collection & identification of the fonts that Games Workshop has used through the ages dating back to the 1st editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k.  You can use these fonts to help create Oldhammer homebrew material is a similar to the originals.

It also includes more modern fonts such as those used in Age of Sigmar material.

Despite being comprised of 19 individual fonts, there are a ton of gaps and there is lots of missing information.  If you’re a font guru and have some  more information please drop me a line at campaignrepo@gmail.com.

Most of the WHFB/WH40k font identification came from this thread at the Oldhammer Forums.


Special thanks to Zhu Bajie & THelppi


by TCRepo

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