Necromunda Links

Narrative Sites

The Narrative Forge @ Goonhammer

There’s more to gaming life than the endless core gameplay loop of competitive and tournament play! In the Narrative Forge, Goonhammer explores Narrative Play, looking for ways to tell stories on the tabletop and enhance play experiences by creating narratives and weaving story elements into your games.

Ongoing Campaigns

Necromunda Dirtside Campaign

The Necromunda Dirtside Campaign is Sheffield University Wargames Society’s, ongoing, narrative based campaign set on the planet Farport in the Aleph Sector amid a gold rush in Zone 9 of the capitol Dirtside.

Tool & Resources for GM’s & Event Organizer

Map Making Tools

Here at TCRepo we’ve compiled a list of Map Making Tools that you can use when forming your own campaigns & adventures!

Yaktribe Tools

Yaktribe is the #1 tool to create a gang and track its progress throughout a Necromunda campagain. On their site you’ll also find legacy gang tracker tools, active forums covering Necromunda and other games, a collection of Necromunda (and other gaming) material, and more!

Yaktribe Files

Yaktribe is home to hundreds of homebrew files to support Necromunda including campaigns, scenarios, & rules.

Realm of Plastic: Necromunda Character Name Generators

Realm of Plastic has developed a ton of name generators for the various gangs & groups in Necromunda.


Necrodamus, created and maintained by Necrodamus, is a set of abridged rules that combined GW’s many publications since N17. The Necrodamus ruleset is largely unopinionated, acting as an abridgement, but clarity and adjustments have been made to remove conflicting rules. There are also numerous suggested House Rules that can be optionally applied. This online version is not maintained by Necrodamus, but has been created with permission by servo_scribe.