Gorkamorka Links

Downloads & Information

The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

tUGs is probably the single best source for Gorkamorka material & information on the internet. If you like Gorkamorka, tUGS is your new best friend!

Community Gorkamorka FAQ

A work in progress FAQ to clarify “rules as written.”

Yaktribe Gorkamorka Files

Yaktribe hosts a bunch of Gorkamorka files including rules and scenarios.

Community Groups & Forums

Yaktribe Gorkamorka Forums

Probably the most active Gorkamorka forums on the ‘net.

Gorkamorka Facebook Group

A Facebook group for Gorkamorka enthusiasts with more than 3,000 members.


A relatively small Gorkamorka community on Reddit. If you want to talk Gorkamorka you’re better off at the Yaktribe forums or Facebook group.

Narrative Resources

WH40k Ork Name Generator

A random name generator designed for WH40k Orks that is perfect for your Mob!

tUGS Mekboy Gibberish Generator

Quickly come up with some nonsense that a Mekboy might utter.