Age of Sigmar Links

Narrative Sites


NEON stands for Narrative Event Organizer’s Network. The site’s stated mission is to Inspire players to embrace Narrative Play in Age of Sigmar; Share a collective fountain of knowledge & resources; Encourage more Narrative Events by encouraging more NEOs! They have downloadable Event Packs as well as links to additional Resources to help you design and run your own Narrative event.

The Narrative Forge @ Goonhammer

There’s more to gaming life than the endless core gameplay loop of competitive and tournament play! In the Narrative Forge, Goonhammer explores Narrative Play, looking for ways to tell stories on the tabletop and enhance play experiences by creating narratives and weaving story elements into your games.

Narrative Play at AoS Shorts

Warhammer Age of Sigmar narrative play is all about story-telling. Imagine that you and your fellow players are the directors of a film. The aim is to collaborate throughout rules creation, background writing for your forces, creating epic tables to play on and then acting out that story through the game.

Ongoing Campaigns

The Great Weave

The Great Weave is a narrative framework within the world of Age of Sigmar driven by community submissions of heroes, cities, and exploits. On the site you’ll find background material on heroes, enemies, locations, & exploits as well as quests, upgrades, artifacts and abilities for you to use.

The Lost Archipelago

The Lost Archipelago is a global, map based, narrative map campaign based around a unique archipelago that is accessible through one way Realm Gates. Once there, armies must figure out how to make their way and survive. Features include moving armies, building (and razing) cities, global events, and more.

Permenia Campaign

The Permenia Campaign is Sheffield University Wargames Society’s narrative based campaign set in Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar universe.

Tool & Resources for GM’s & Event Organizer

World Anvil

World Anvil is an online tool to create, and showcase, interactive maps & lore for your campaign.

Realm of Plastic: Age of Sigmar Character Name Generators

Realm of Plastic has developed a ton of name generators for the various factions (and often sub-factions) in Age of Sigmar. Also check out their Soulbound Character Name Generators for names fine tuned to classes such as “Kurnoth Hunter, “Endrinrigger”, & “Knight-Questor”