Kill Team Links

Datacard Creators

This tool creates printable Kill Team 2021 datacards, from your BattleScribe roster file, right in your browser! If you don’t have your KT 2021 roster yet you can download BattleScribe here! – by GenestealerCult

This tool helps you create printable datasheets for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team from Battlescribe rosters. Use it for both KT 2018 and KT 2021! – by Floppy

Tools & Resources


KTDash is a web-based application for running your Kill Team 2021 games. It provides tools to build your teams, import pre-built teams, generate operative names as well as a dashboard to track wounds, Turning Points, Command Points, and Victory Points. The site also contains a Compendium of information on the various factions available within Kill Team 2021. – by Jodawznev

Map Making Tools

Here at TCRepo we’ve compiled a list of Map Making Tools that you can use when forming your own campaigns & adventures!


A fantastic resource for conversions, kitbashing, bits comparisons and more for the Warhammer 40k setting. Join them as they grow and explore the world of Warhammer 40k and how best to integrate converting and kitbashing into your armies with view on use at events, display and more. – by Ricki Smith

Command Roster

Command Roster is Games Workshop’s powerful, online, tool that lets you build game-ready rosters in minutes, while the campaign options let you record your progress, operative upgrades, and everything else you need. All this can even be exported to a printable PDF file. It’s really that easy.