Painting and Modelling Tutorials

This page is a collection of links to my favorite painting and modeling tutorials. The links here are ones that I’ve, personally, used to great success. In most cases I use these tutorials as a “baseline” and end of varying the technique to suit my skill level, available/preferred paints/materials, desired quality of results, and desired time commitment. If you want to see more of my painting you can check out:

Painting Tutorials

Darren Latham’s How To Paint Fire

A YouTube video showing how to using glazing to create really effective and exciting fire effects. I like to a bit more contrast between the ridges and valleys by pulling light colors higher up in the valleys and dark colors lower down on the ridges. When possible, I also prefer to use an airbrush to first create the base color gradient and then use glazing to bring down dark ridges and bring up light valleys.

Jack of Clubs How to Paint Black Armor (with an airbrush)

A YouTube video showing a, pretty easy, technique for getting exciting and dynamic black armor. The basic premise is to base coat black, airbrush on blue-grey highlights, brush paint edge highlights, and then apply a thick layer of black wash. I’ve found that I prefer to put on heavier highlights prior to washing.

RobPaintsModels Aged Leather Technique

A YouTube video showing a technique for painting aged leather with a lot of depth. I simplified this process for my own leather recipe by basing a chocolate brown, edge highlighting with a yellow brown, then “messing up” the edge highlights with a wet-drybrush of the same yellow brown, followed by a heavy black wash.

Modeling Tutorials

Tom Mason’s Mini Sculpting Super Show

Tom Mason is great mini sculptor who develops my favorite green stuff video tutorials on everything from adding capes and fur to creating entire miniatures from scratch! You can also check him out on his website, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.