Mordheim Links

Downloads & Information


Broheim is the gold standard for the Mordheim material on the web. As of this writing it is consistently updated and contains tons of downloadable Mordheim material.

Warhammer Narratives’ Mordheim Rules Edinburgh Revision

Nuno Martins, over at Warhammer Narratives, has created a revised set of house rules for Mordheim, with his group, to attempt to address some of the problems and imbalances with the original ruleset.

Warhammer Narratives’ Mordheim Resources Page

A long list of resources and downloads for Mordheim.

Fandom Mordheim Table Top Rules Page

Links to downloadable Mordheim rules.

Yaktribe Mordheim Files

Yaktribe hosts hundreds of files for Mordheim including rules, scenarios, and campaigns.

Tools & Resources

Map Making Tools

Here at TCRepo we’ve compiled a list of Map Making Tools that you can use when forming your own campaigns & adventures!

The Great Weave Gazette Creator

Use this tool to create news or rumours for your campaigns or games.
When you’ve created your news, take note of the link, or take a screenshot of the page, and post wherever you’d like!


Create your very own, 20 year out-of-production, Mordheim Town Cryer magazine page using this templated online tool – by Phil Betts


An online soundboard you can use for your Computer, Tablet, or Phone to provide ambiance audio to your games!