Great Library: Swarms of the Hive Mind

an Army Book to bring the Tyranid into WHFB 8e

Warhammer: Swarms of the Hive Mind – Tyranids in Fantasy basically. Well, if Daemons can travel to the Warhammer World, I don’t see why Tyranids can’t. After all, they are one of the most fantastical of the 40K factions and would be one of the most likely to be able to visit the Warhammer world. Alternatively the Swarms could be an insectoid race related to Tyranids, perhaps a Tyranid swarm that remained dormant for many thousands of years after the Old Ones’ conquest of the Warhammer world. It will be very interesting to see them against Lizardmen or Daemons of Chaos in Fantasy, and also to model characters like the Swarmlord and Deathleaper.

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by Lord Agragax

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