Great Library: Horde of Shadow

an Army Book to bring corrupted Albionites into WHFB 8e

Warhammer: Hordes of Shadow – As part of the development of my Albion book, I designed many characters and units inspired by Matthew Klaas de Witte’s awesome drawings, and some of those drawings featured evil, corrupted Albionites that were in the thrall of Be’lakor, the Dark Master, and given Be’lakor’s stronghold, the Citadel of Lead, is in the north, these guys make far more appropriate fantasy Scots. This is my army list for them, featuring degenerate Chaotic Scottish Highlanders, sinister shadow Daemons, mutated monstrosities and even twisted Undead that have been shackled to the will of the Dark Master. This faction, to use AoS parlance, is mostly Chaos but with a bit of Death and Destruction thrown in too.

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by Lord Agragax

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