Outcasts and Renegades

an AoS 3.0 Path to Glory campaign supplement

Long before the Age of Chaos robbed the realms of much of their beauty the Karakoast region of Chamon held amongst the finest Duardin provinces in the Mortal Realms. Its strategic location on the coast allowed freetrade to flow through the Karaks and the mountainous cliff faces themselves gleams with seams of gold that raced up and down the coast seemingly endlessly in both direction.

The Region was once prized for its wealth, its position and its beauty, but the years have not been kind, and now its storm-lashed coasts are a haunting reminder that the Empires of the Duardin were left to rot in the face of the tides of Chaos.

Outcasts and Renegades is campaign supplement for Age of Sigmar 3.0. It contains a host of rules to help you expand the Path to Glory system into new directions.  Tell your army’s narrative with a new region to explore, an advanced injury table, and cursed artifacts.  Or use the provided rules to build a new army of dark mercenaries or undead pirates.

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by Ricki Smith (KITBASHED)

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