Great Library: Albion

an Army Book to bring Celtic Albionites into WHFB 8e

Warhammer: Albion – One Matthias Eliasson has already written an Albion army book, but to me they looked too Scottish – I’m going to be bringing the Albionites into a more Celtic setting, based upon the warriors and faiths of the Ancient Britons rather than the Picts who occupied Scotland at the time (despite the claims of the Scots, the English are more Celtic than the Scots are). I plan Albion to be the second Warhammer force to be able to use units of chariots (after the almighty Tomb Kings of Nehekhara), along with fearsome warrior warbands led by noble tribal chieftains and the other mysterious inhabitants of their Misty isle. – Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl

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by Lord Agragax

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