AoS Triumph & Treachery Cards

printable Triump & Treachery cards to use at your narrative AoS event!

This download is for a set of Triumph and Treachery cards that you can use in your AoS narrative games and events.

Here’s how you use these cards to play T&T in AOS:

  • There are three denominations of treasure: brass tokens (50), silver tokens (100), and gems (500)
  • Players earn treasure by destroying enemy units in the shooting, combat, or battleshock phases. The player who slays the last model receives treasure tokens equal to the cost of the unit in victory points (rounded to the nearest fifty).
  • All players start the game with two brass tokens, two treachery cards, and one randomly dealt (and secret) magic item.
  • During every hero phase, all players roll a D6. On a 4+, they earn a treachery card.
  • At the start of every round after the first, the player with the smallest pay chest (least amount of treasure tokens) receives 3 treachery cards, the player with the biggest pay chest receives 1, and all other players receive 2
  • Maximum treachery card hand size is 5.
  • The player with the largest pay chest at the end of the game wins.

Beware, the TCRepo ZIP download is 368MB.

Download these cards directly from the author’s Google Drive here (377MB)!

Read more about the development of Triumph and Treachery here!


by Jeffrey Egan, & StoneMonk

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