War in the Realms of Craxumia

an epic T9A 1e map campaign framework for a big group on a long timeline!

War in the Realms of Craxumia is a framework for fighting a massive map campaign with a dozen or more of your best buds using The 9th Age ruleset.  The huge map of Craxumia is comprised of 4800 hex tiles!  There are rules included for Sieges, Naval Battles, Skirmishes, Jousting events and more!  The framework even includes 23 standard and 12 skirmish scenarios to help keep your battles interesting and connected to the narrative.

There is no “winner” of this campaign. The intention of the campaign is to link together all our battles and skirmishes and give them some wider significance. Campaign turns are intended to represent seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each game year is therefore 4 turns long. Each turn lasts a maximum of a month, though if it’s finished faster, that’s great! A month is a long time, but considering you will have many armies on the map, you may find that you have a huge number of battles to complete and not enough time!

The download on this site has edited and compiled David’s work into a package suitable for a new GM to start their own campaign.

You can see David’s original Craxumia Google Drive folder (with lots of extra intermediate maps showing his gaming groups progress) here!

You can download the included Hexographer map file from the original source here!

Check out David’s Craxumia Wiki here!

Read more about this campaign system here & here!


by David Emery

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