The Games of Zagjan

a official, lighthearted, standalone "Orclympics" game system set in the world of T9A

Welcome to the Games of Zagjan, Orclympics Games in the World of The 9th Age. This game, or better, set of games, is meant to be an introductory game to the world of fantasy wargaming related to The 9th Age and at the same time is a “sport” standalone set of games.

To play the games you will need a few miniatures of your choice (possibly orcs, of course!), some six-sided dice (referred to as D6), and a tape measure in inches. All orcs miniatures “on foot” (infantry) should be on 25 mm square bases or 30 mm round bases, possibly having all the participants with the same bases, since distances – as in other The 9th Age games – are measured from bases. Infantry round bases can switch to 32 mm if the participants are allowing it. Cavalry (boar riders, mostly) should be on 25×50 mm rectangular bases, where 25 is the measure of the front and rear facing of the miniature. Pigs and piglets are considered infantry, so should be based accordingly.

The games are meant to be played as standalone single games or as a set, referred to as a campaign. The rules try to cover all the possible situations during play, but remember that, whenever some ambiguous interpretation of the rules may arise, these games are created to follow the most basic rule of them all: all of the players should have fun!

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by Grimbold Blackhammer, Jan Willem “Blonde Beer” Veenhof, fjugin, Davide Castelluccio, Alessandro Vivaldi, Gomio, Watertheplant, kisanis, Calisson, Edward Murdoch, Henrypmiller, Archeron, Florian Rohm, John Wallis, Edward Murdoch, Matt Perris, Daniel Eugui, Frozenbeard @ The 9th Age Team

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