The tragedy of Lord Elwyn Bleakfeast

Homebrew solo scenario for Age of Sigmar

Centuries ago, Lord Elwyn Bleakfeast was a wealthy regent renowned for his kindness and generosity to all. Then one dark night, tragedy struck. A powerful gemstone, The Ravenous Heart, was gifted to Lord Elwyn by a jealous rival. This move proved disastrous to all, as the once noble Lord Elwyn fell to madness and rage due to the jewel’s devious power. He slaughtered all those close to him, and then turned his insane gaze towards the lands of his rival. The bloodshed that followed has scarred the land, and legend has it that Lord Bleakfeast still lives to this day surrounded by his hoard of treasure. Attracted by the promise of exploration and riches, a band of adventurers gathers at the mouth of Lord Bleakfeast’s reputed lair… the depths of Harrowfall.

by Tim Chambers

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