Bug Hunt

Solo, Two, or Multiplayer Cooperative Kill Team Scenario that pits players against NPC Tyranids

There have been reports of an infestation of an unknown, violent xenos species in an area behind enemy lines. You have been tasked with eradicating the xenos nests in preparation for establishing a forward operating base at said location. Since the position is behind enemy lines, a small but well-armed kill team has been readied for deployment, expect strong resistance.

You will play as the attacking force, select a total of 100 points worth of models and up to 4 specialists which must be shared between each player’s force.

The xenos force will be comprised of three enemies that may spawn during the mission. The stats for these models will use the following model’s rules: Homagaunts, Genestealers, Warrior.

Read more about guyofthetiger_’s Bug Hunt scenario sheet here!

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Download guyofthetiger_’s scenario sheet, directly from his Google Drive in DOCX or PDF format!


by GreyGrognard & guyofthetiger_

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