Quest to slay the Troggoth King

an official solo campaign for Age of Sigmar

This past season has seen an alarming number of troggoth raids upon your lands. Although lumbering and dimwitted, these creatures are deadly in large numbers and they have laid waste to many border settlements. You have been tasked to bring back the head of the slain Troggoth King and assigned a band of warriors to aid you.

As you set off along the path of destruction the troggoths have wrought, you discover something odd. The lie of the land does not match any of the maps you have brought with you. Instead, a savage range of jagged mountains rises from the horizon, surrounded by overgrown forests and murky swamplands. It seems the realm of Ghur is bleeding into these lands, devouring them like a beast would its prey. With steely resolve, you vow to bring an end to this menace once and for all.

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by Sam Pearson @ Games Workshop

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