Tetra Firma

a KoW 2e expansion with new special rules, magic system, factions, and alternate setting!

Hello traveler! You have the stink of magic and confusion about you. Where are you from? Mantica? Never heard of it. At least, not outside a sorcerer’s library. This world, my world, is both similar and distinct from your well-developed world of Mantica. Are the worlds connected like two different dimensions? Perhaps they are entirely separate worlds or planets, instead? Only the forgotten gods know now. My world is a fantastic lens, a mirror both imperfect and curious, of the ancient realms of another world. My world is Tetra Firma.

Featuring a brand-new setting, this expansion for Kings of War 2nd edition adds a host of new special rules, a robust and deep magic system, and 30 new factions you can mix and match to create unique and varied armies to battle in this fantasy-historical setting. Will you wield the werewolf and peasant militias of the Vlachan or Euphrasian forces, or the combined forces of malignant and benign undead in the Nethercropolis and Numantian sub-factions of the Necromancer Guilds? Maybe it might even be the right time to unleash some Battle Sloths upon your foes.  This robust expansion offers tons of new variety to help spice up your Kings of War games, and a brand-new and detailed setting to explore!

Read more about Tetra Firma over at the Ironwatch Magazine site here!

Download the high res version of Tetra Firma from Google Drive here!

View Tetra Firma on Scribd here!

Download a low res version of Tetra Firma from Dropbox here!

You can even buy a paperback copy of Tetra Firma from Lulu here!

The author Christopher Binetti, is working on a new version with a ruleset completely independent from Kings of War.  He’d love to collaborate so if you’re interested, reach out to him at cbinetti@terpmail.umd.edu


by Christopher Binetti, Austin “darkPrince010” Peasley, Matthew Adlard, Boris “Thane Bobo” Samec, Lost and Taken, Aaron “Sardonic Wolf” Leahy, Aaron “sewersaint” Magno, Adam Morrow, Alex “reVenAnt” Visentin, Alistair “platemail” Moore, Andrew Evans, Andre ”Stratego” Kritzinger, Andy “Needles” Beckett, Arcaneshield, Azazelx, Ben Stoddard, Orcsbain, Blake Earle, Brad P., C.A. “Owesome” Monteath-Carr, Cedric “Boston Miniatures” Boudoya, Chris “Mister C” Cousen, Chris ”Geist” Davis, Chris “stlwarrior” Livingstone, Chris “Darkover” Schlumpberger, Christopher Verspeak, Ciaran Darcy, Claudia Zuminich, C M Minis, Cornonthecob, Craig “Spooney85” Johnson, Darklord, Daniel King, Dave Johns, David Reid, Davyd P. Nash, Donn Turner, Douglas Thoin, Doug “Hellebore” Newton-Walters, Dusty, Dwarf Giant, E. “Crow” McIlraith, Frederic Ramirez, Gareth Humphreys, Gary Bomhoff, Geoff Burbidge, George Adsett-Knutsen, Gerry Lee, Glenn Allan, Grant Mahoney, Giuseppe “Walac” Aquino, Guido Quaranta, Guillaume Bertin, Guy Sodin, Halberd3000, Ian Powell, imm0rtal reaper, Jack “ManticfanboyLAD” Evans, James Hewitt, Jamie O’Toole, Jason “Weedy Elf” Flint, Jason Moorman, Jim Kew, Joe Ketterer, Joe Murphy, John ”Mister C.” Cousen, John “katzbalger” Hoyland, Jonathan Faulkes, Jonathan “jontheman” Hicks, Jonathan Peace, Jon Peletis, Jose Manuel Chasco Gonzalez, Josselin “Joss” Amoravain, Juanje, Kara Brown, Keith Mullumby, Kenny Moncrieff, left64, Leon Lynn, Liam Markey, Maccwar, Malcolm Blackwell, Marcel “marseall” Popik, Marek ”Paboook” Vlha, Maren Wolff, Mark Peasley, Mark Relf, Mark “scarletsquig” Smith, Mark Zielinski, Mart “MArtyDagger” Hooiveld, Martin “Summoning” Geibner, Dustcrusher, Matt Gilbert, Matthäus “Max Jet” Mieczkowski, Matt Adlard, Matthew Beer, Matthew Lindsay, Matt “JoV” I., Maxwell “Lord Marcus” McDougall, Mel ”The Terrain Tutor” Bose, Michael “puggimer” Carter, Michael “MDSW” DeFranco, Mike Carter, Mike Tittensor, Nathan, Neil Dixon, Neil Jones, Nick “Daedle” Williams, Nicodemus ”Karadram” Sandberg, Olaf Bressel, OnePageAnon, Panda, Patrick ”Patrick the Betrayer” Lefevre, Paul Mitchell, Paul “Osbad” Mullis, Paul Scott, Pete Harrison, Pete “Pathfinder Pete McF” Kijek, Peter Bogdasarian, Peter Grose, Tek Thornisson, Raffaele Passarelli, Raymond Mercer, Richard August, Richard ”Rimmo” Rimington, Rob “Briohmar” Allen, Rob Burnam, Robert Dunham, Rob Phaneuf, Rob Taylor, Rogue General Hunter, Russell ”Spruce” Barnes, Ryan “The Dire Troll” Shaw, Sharad Vora, Shane “Shaneimus” Baker, Skolo, Sneaky Chris, Steicy Jourdan, Stuart “Merlin” Smith, Sukura636, Taylor Holloway, Tristan “TSNC” Coulson, Vane Dolenc, Vincent Pascaud, Wes Shipley

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