Additional GSC Kill Team Units

additional Genestealer Cult units you can use to spice up your games of Kill Team!

This download contains two new units that you can add to your Genestealer Cult roster for Kill Team.

Werder Kobold
Hunched, small of stature, tenacious, and with an ingenious mind. Werder is dedicated to keeping his brethren supplied with ammunition and their equipment and weapons in prime condition. In battle he uses his technical skills to optimise the efficiency of their mining weapons, and his modified sensors to provide them with enhanced target data. He wields a powerful but unwieldy auto rifle of his own design made from scavenged parts.

Neophyte Fanatics
The most fanatical disciples are ready to lay down their lives for the cult – rushing the enemies guns and overwhelming them at close quarters, or taking on the even riskier responsibility of breaching the enemies strongpoints with demolition charges.

Read more about these new units over at Reddit here!


by MrLictor

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