Sigmar Cart

Death Racing through the (AoS) Mortal Realms

Throughout the Mortal Realms, with the advent of trade and free cities, a spectacular sport has started to form near these cities. In each city, these races are called something different but on the open plains near Tempest Eye Sigmar Cart has become the craziest, deadliest sport available to those daring, stupid, or in-debt enough to race in.

Ideally, this game type should be played with 4-8 players. A modifier for Solo Play is also included.  Each player selects a single model of the predetermined weight class. This model must be a non-Hero, must be mounted (or reasonably close to such / sufficiently mobile), and may not have the Monster keyword nor be on a base larger than 90x120mm. Lists of most currently available models are included.

The race should take place on a standard AOS table, with terrain and “spectators” (infantry models from the Racers’ respective factions) arranged to form the track. The track should wrap around the table space and aim to use as much space as possible.

The winner is the first to complete a number of laps around the track, as determined by your group.

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by David “Khaos_Zand3r” Hayes

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