Kill the Messenger

an AoS 1.0 battleplan with a unique narrative win mechanic

In these perilous times it is often un­certain of who is truly your ally and who is your foe. This was the case when Sigmar sent the Warrior Chamber of Nihlus Tidalborne to secure the aid of the ancient Tomb Kings of Shyish in the Realmgate Wars against Chaos. Tasked with a simple diplomatic mission, the small military force was caught off guard when the statuary around them in the necropolis sprung to life, reaping a bloody tithe through their ranks. The enraged Tomb King cursed them and their God-King for abandoning them during the Age of Chaos and was deaf to thier attempts at reasoning. It was up to Nihlus to convince the errant monarch of the alliance’s value, or die in the attempt.

Such a battle might also be seen when a cohort of the Khorne Bloodhound is sent to secure tribute from a Skaven warband in the caverns of Aqshy, or a Duaradin envoy is sent to forge an alliance with the capricious Sylvaneth. Whatever story you wish to tell, this battleplan will ensure you have an exciting and action­ packed game.

In this scenario the attacker is tasked with securing aid from an uncertain ally. Though you have had common cause in the past, of late tensions have been high and nerves frayed. As you approach the keep of your potential ally an ambush is sprung and your army is forced into an unwanted battle. With your options limited you must either seek out the opposing general and convince them of your common cause or wipe out their forces and extract your army from certain doom.

As the defender, an old ally who abandoned you in your hour of need in the past has come pleading for help. They dare to trespass within your domain and have the nerve to ask you to commit your forces to their cause. They must be shown that none shall escape the consequences of past transgressions. You must marshall your forces and wipe their army from the battlefield as an example to their wayward leader.

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by Tyler Mengel @ Mengel Miniatures

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