Bloodfane Arena

a AoS Warcry narrative campaign based on Arena of Blood

Mercy? Surely you jest? Mercy is the wail of the defeated weak, the last keening cry of a seal pup caught in a trap. The word is anathama to the Icebound Floes, and rare as the sun in the depths of winter. In the creviced city of Icebound, the only warmth to be found flows fresh from a vein, and the floor of the Bloodfane Arena is the warmest place of all – unless you are the one kissing it.

Bloodfane Arena is a standalone campaign for you and your fellow aspirants. It consists of a number of smaller, shorter battles, which will enable all members of your gaming table to compete. and tell a narrative in the same afternoon.  It is based upon the original Arena of Blood expansion released in the September 2019 edition of White Dwarf, but you do not need to have a copy of, or have competed in the Arena of Blood to compete upon the ice of the Bloodfane Arena.

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by Red Rose Wargaming

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