Lost Zone

a Necromunda module that aims to add layers of scarcity and hardship to your campaigns

The Lost Zones are areas of the Underhive forgotten by the rest of Necromunda. Frontier towns, buried domes, the edge of the great Sump Sea, and other similar locations. There are no huge markets, house support is nonexistent, and even power, food, and water down here are scarce enough to always be a concern. Gangs in the Lost Zones aren’t there for fun: They’ve been outlawed, exiled, or are in search of rare and buried treasures to earn their way back into “regular” Necromundan life. But they all find the same thing – that survival in the Lost Zones isn’t guaranteed, and indeed, isn’t even easy.

With this module, you’ll be able to add a layer of scarcity and hardship to your Necromunda campaigns. Instead of fielding a crack team of house operatives, your gang is forced to scavenge for equipment, scrape the bottom of the barrel for new recruits, and rely on skills instead of characteristic increases. What we’re hoping to achieve is a system that slows down rampant gang advancement and roster bloat, while fomenting an atmosphere of greater narrative storytelling with more RPG elements.

Download the Lost Zone rules directly from Goonhammer here!

Read more about the Lost Zone at the Goonhammer site here!


by Dan “The Sex Cannon” Boyd, Kevin Fowler, Campbell McLaughlin, Genghis Cohen, & Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones @ Goonhammer

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