Tristan’s Training Missions

a set of 13 linked, & escalating, WH40k 9e missions to help teach a new player the rules that pit Space Marines against Necrons

You enter orbit of the planet ‘x’ in the Pariah Nexus, answering an Imperial distress signal. It has taken you months to travel through space and the warp, you have no idea if Imperial populous are still alive but the signal has stopped. Your ship scans are unable to detect any lifeforms on the surface due to a strange interference. The only action to take is to send a small force down to the planet to investigate.

Targeting a young audience, this document contains 13 missions with escalating size and complexity to help teach Warhammer 40k 9th edition to a new player.  Early missions contain small numbers of models and eschew things like Command Points and Doctrines while later missions turn into full fledged battles!  All missions are linked with a common narrative thread to increase enjoyment and immersion.

These missions expect the learning player to control the Space Marines and the teaching player to control the Necrons.  Feel free to tweak these missions, substituting your own forces.

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by Paolo Henrico Gordini

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