Holy Havoc V: The Warlord Ascends

a 5 round, narrative, AoS3.0 doubles tournament featuring custom scenarios & the infamous Warlords of Havoc!

Holy Havoc is a 2-day narrative Age of Sigmar doubles event, where players battle over beautiful and deadly gaming tables with unique custom Warlords of Havoc and 1000 point armies. This has been one of the longest-running organized narrative events in the Age of Sigmar player community, and has inspired countless other events due to its hobby quality and intensely refined rules.  Maybe it will inspire you too!

Unique to the Holy Havoc events is the Warlord of Havoc. This is a custom-made Hero that players bring, which has its own custom warscroll that gains abilities as the event progresses. Yes, this is just like the Anvil of Apotheosis, only that Holy Havoc has been doing it for 6 years already and many other narrative events followed suit, like Realms at War and the NoVA Grand Narrative. The even include stickers with abilities to put on your warscroll, which is brilliant, and has also been stolen by every other event that uses similar warscrolls!

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by Holy Wars GT

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