Efengie Campaign 5: Escalation

a five battleplan two-player narrative escalation campaign for AoS with rules for naval battles and more!

During the Age of Chaos, the verdant city of Hammerstadt was demolished by Nurgle, driving its inhabitants into the  pastoral Vale of Efengie. There they weathered the Age of Chaos in relative comfort, harried only by the braying beasts of the dark forest and occasional marauding orruks. The Age of Sigmar, however, has been less kind to the Vale. It has been wracked with war since the awakening of the Gates of Eucebium.

Since the Age of Chaos Kytos and Vivax were riven with worshipers of the dark gods. Lamellia has kept the flame of civilization burning through the long millennia, but the forces at their northern border grow powerful. They need a new ally in their long war. Though Eucebium was previously thought to be overrun with Orruks and the undead, its own wars have revealed the secluded Vale of Efengie to the world, and it is time for them to join the larger conflict.

This five battleplan two-player narrative escalation campaign, chronicling Efengie’s involvement in the war between Kytos and Lamellia, includes stories, rules for naval battles, and Allegiance abilities for the Bloodpact of Kytos, Lamellian Sellswords, and the Magi of Efengie.

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by Duncan Hall

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