Efengie Campaign 6: Fall of Bludor

a five battleplan, 2+ player, narrative campaign for AoS

Across the Soulless Sea lies a city of the dead, Amasya, once a beautiful monument to the great pantheon but now forsaken. The call was quiet at first, whispers of treasures and hidden wonders to the South, but then emissaries arrived from foreign lands recruiting warriors for alliances with strange names like The Reclamation and The Sigmarsmacht Delegation.

The chaos generals of Efengie were the first to answer the call, swearing themselves to the Varanpact and the Horde. Lady
Vendetta pledged a bevy of her finest gnoblars to Amasya in service of Da’ Big Eat. Jack Vorpal and Usidore the Blue led a
force of free peoples from the Land of Foon.

The City of Amasya stands as a monument to the failing of Sigmar’s pantheon… a district for each god… now in ruins. What will the people of this new age make of it?

The ruined city of Amasya was once a thriving and diverse capital of Sigmar’s pantheon. It housed a borough for each of the great gods of men, aelves, duardin, orruks, and even the dead. An effort is underway to retake the city, but while some aim to rebuild it in their image, others seek its final ruination.

This five battleplan multi-player (or two-player) narrative campaign continues (and concludes) the Efengie Soul Wars storyline. It also includes a recap of the global narrative event ‘The Hallowed Necropolis’ by Animosity Campaigns, and a custom champion warscroll for narrative campaigns.

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by Duncan Hall


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