Efengie Campaign 4: Malign Portents

a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign for AoS themed around Malign Portents

Long ago, there were twin cities that stood where the haunted forest now lies. The cities of North and South Kou’uch, like the Seraphon who once dwelled within, exist now only in memory. The mighty arena where they pitted their enemies against one another in mortal combat still stands though, and the time of the Malign Portents has awoken something within it;  something that demands blood.

A five battleplan two-player narrative campaign themed around Malign Portents. It also includes the stories of Coalescence: Malign Portents, and Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat as well as Regions of War rules for battling in Ghyran in the Vale of Efengie.

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by Duncan Hall

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