Costal Terror

a two player, 4 scenario narrative campaign, for AoS1.0, with a viking raid theme!

With the winter storms finally having passed, it is time for the summer raids!  After a bunch of bloody arguments and three personal combats, the marauders under the command of Tyr Trygsson have agreed upon the target of this year’s raids: the longboats of the Raven zeal tribe shall head to the Spice Coast and attack settlements in the small Kingdom of Svedonnia!

Meanwhile the villages along the Spice Coast have begun harvesting their first crops of wheat, corn and pepper. Under the protection and heavy taxation of their King Birger Pepperberg the peasants live their day-to-day lives, certain of their safety and the power of their leader.

Will the nobles and lords of Svedonnia be able to defend their subjects from  the greedy raiders that now approach their coast?

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by ExtraBushyBeards

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