Siege of New Talabheim

a two player, 6 scenario, narrative campaign for AoS1.0

New Talabheim is a prospering fortress city at the edge of the Emerald Glades, a relatively peaceful location in the otherwise wild and untamed Realm of Ghur. A solitary stronghold of civilization in the entire region, the city and its walls offer a safe haven for the Free Peoples to live in.

Now, after many decades of peace, war has at last come to the Emerald Glades. A power-hungry Tzeentchian sorcerer Izazel the Twisted has lead his army of mutants and barbarians to the Glades for reasons yet unknown, but one thing is for sure… it will be nothing good for New Talabheim and its population.

Will Governor Roland Blauenlaufel be able to drive these invaders from the gates of his fair city, or will the servants of Izazel the Twisted prevail in their sinister schemes?

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by ExtraBushyBeards

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