Beginner’s Path to Glory

a simplified AoS2.0 Path to Glory campaign system for new players!

Here is a download for a simplified version of Games Workshop’s Path to Glory system for Age of Sigmar.  In it players create their own warbands and fight each other in different scenarios to win glory in the eyes of their gods.

  • Every scenario used in this campaign is fully explained in the General’s Handbook
  • To win the campaign, a players must win a battle with his/her warband possessing 5
    or more Glory Points
  • Glory Points are gained by playing games:
    • 1 point for a loss or a draw
    • D3 points for a victory
  • After each battle you may choose one of the following:
    • Roll for additional Followers
    • Roll for a Champion Reward
    • Roll for a Follower Reward

Read more about this campaign at the author’s blog here!

Original download can be found at the author’s Google Drive here!


by ExtraBushyBeards

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