Conquest of Stornlands Linked Campaign

a, 2 player, 5 game linked narrative campaign for Conquest

Conquest of the Stornlands is a linked narrative campaign, that features five chapters that connect, for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. Each chapter consists of a skirmish battle that can be fought before the main battle, and then the main battle itself.

Narrative campaigns differ from other styles of organized play (such as leagues or tournaments or node style campaigns or map campaigns) in that they focus heavily on the story and the background event on what the campaign is telling. This is where the word “narrative” comes in to play: the story aspect is the most important aspect of an event such as this.

Narrative campaign scenarios are written to allow some form of balance between the two players but is not a system where balance is the most important aspect. There may be unusual conditions for victory that differ from standard competitive games of Conquest, and there may be alternate rules that exist only in the scenario. Indeed, some scenarios may be more difficult for one side to win over than the other. This is the meat of narrative campaigns, this variety that you may not experience in standard competitive games of Conquest.

Download the campaign from the original source (and find more homebrew material for Conquest) at the Underspire!


by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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