The War Modules

campaign rules for T9A 1e, with optional map mechanics, optimized for 2-6 players

In the midst of the turbulent times of The 9th Age, factions battle for power, for survival, or for their gods. Though not all battles take place on common terrain or under common circumstances. Some are driven by secret missions, some take places in exotic places, where the elements might provide an extra adversary.

This publication is a fan-made ruleset for a basic campaign, a territory-based campaign and a collection of special scenarios, rich of fluff, that are meant for players who seek an immersive experience for a tabletop battle or campaign. The rules suit 2 – 6 players, but can be adjusted for any number of participants. Besides rules, this supplement also provides a guide to set up your own campaign, advice on how to flesh out the storyline, and several narrative scenarios.

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by Pellegrim

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