Conquest of the Stornlands Map Campaign

a, 2-4 player, narrative map campaign for Conquest

Long ago after the fall of the empire, there was a kingdom in the north that men called the Stornlands. The land was harsh and cold, with little sun and ground that took much labor to yield any crops.

It was during this time that King Sardis was approached by a gaunt shadowed figure that called itself The Shaper. The Shaper told Sardis that if prolonging his life was what the king really wanted, that he could have his wish, though it would come with a price.

The king was skeptical but asked the creature what the price would be for such a gift.

“The first-born child born of every woman in your kingdom shall be the price. They will be given at the Feast of Ascendance where they will be taken by my servants unto me, where they shall serve me the rest of their days.”. . .

. . .To this day, the Stornlands lie in ruin. Nature has begun to reclaim the cities and the farmsteads. Those that have traveled north either do not return or come back speaking of twisted creatures that are neither living nor dead that haunt the countryside.

Yet the curse of the north is not enough to stop nations from sending armies to reclaim what was once a bustling and thriving kingdom. The saga of the Stornlands has not been fully told, and it will be up to you to pen the next chapter in the tale.

Conquest of the Stornlands is a narrative map-based campaign for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings.  It that takes place in the northern Hundred Kingdoms and is set for between two and four players.  The commanders of the forces fighting here do not have unlimited resources to field restricted units.

Download the campaign from the original source (and find more homebrew material for Conquest) at the Underspire!


by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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