Chariot Races

official WHFB 6e Chariot Racing mini-game rules

‘Sorry Boss!’ Snigit stood before two large Orcs with his head bowed low.

‘Dat’s the third chariot you’ve wrecked this week.’ Gazbag shouted, smacking the Gobbo round the ear. ‘ You’d better learn to take those corners a bit slower next time. Now get out of ‘ere before I get really mad.’ Snigit didn’t need telling twice and legged it away.

‘Boss,’ the second Orc spoke up. ‘Why do you let im keep driving your best chariots if all he ever does is keep wrecking dem?’

Gasbag replied ‘He loves going too fast and don’t care about iz safety,’ a wry smile fell over Gasbag’s face. ‘The perfect qualities for a chariot driver.’

These rules use a modified version of the Warhammer rules as their basis. The differences to the Warhammer rules are explained below, but otherwise just assume the normal Warhammer rules apply.

For the purposes of this chariot race I have chosen only chariots from the Orc & Goblin, Chaos Warrior and Chaos Beastmen army lists. However, the basic principles of the race can work for any armies that have chariots, such
as High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves and Khemri Undead. Any number of players can join in and the more chariots the more exciting the race.

See the rules download link at the Wayback Machine here!


by Space McQuirk @ Games Workshop

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