Against the Ogres

official WHFB 6e escalating Campaign with Skirmish, Warbands, and Full WHFB scenarios

Against the Ogres is a series of four linked scenarios that will introduce players to the Ogre Kingdoms army and a number of the army’s unique rules. The first two scenarios, “Devourers in the Darkness” and “Hunter and the Hunted,” are played under the Skirmish rules. The third scenario, “Raid the Raiders,” is a 500-point Warbands game. The fourth and final scenario of the Against the Ogres series, “Sacrifice to the Great Maw,” is a full-sized Warhammer battle.

Against the Ogres was written with the Dwarfs in mind, but you can easily modify the scenarios and/or battlefields to pit almost any army in the Warhammer world against the emergent threat of the Ogre Kingdoms.

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  1. Devourers in the Darkness
  2. Hunter and the Hunted
  3. Raid the Raiders
  4. Sacrifice to the Great Maw


by Games Workshop

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