Denizens of the Deep

an official WHFB 6e map campaign with tunnelling mechanics

The path tightened to a point where the Dwarf Ironbreakers could proceed only in a single-file line. Drokki Ironbeard couldn’t imagine how a manling could possibly traverse these tunnels. He pondered this as he cracked his fully armored head against a low section of the ceiling for the third time today. The metallic ring of his helm made him feel as though his head were trapped between a mighty anvil and a descending hammer. He gritted his teeth against the pain in his ears and continued on.

“Today” was a relative term here in the Deep. Drokki knew it wasn’t yesterday or tomorrow simply because he knew it was “today.” He felt it in his bones. He, like all Dwarfs, intuitively knew what time it was, just as the members of his race know how deeply they have traveled into the roots of the world. Other races that care about the passage of time on the surface would be lost here – lost in eternal night.

Drokki held his slow-burning guano torch higher as his companions took a hard turn to the right and emerged into a tunnel that was slightly less cramped than the one they had been traveling through moments before. He strained his eyes, looking past the light of the torch and into the inky black. Drokki cursed an unoriginal Dwarfen curse through his clenched jaws and stopped in his tracks. He heard his companion’s iron-shod boots fall silent behind him. He could have sworn he saw beady red eyes.

That’s when he heard the worst sound imaginable. There was a feral chuckle, followed by the sloshing sound of liquid trapped in a metal container. Drokki’s mouth opened to yell a warning, to tell his companions to retreat, but it was too late. A squeaking valve was opened, and liquid fire the color of precious emeralds filled the tunnel. The last things Drokki saw before his eyes burst and his face ran like molten metal were the furred forms of two celebrating ratmen bathed in the hellish green light.

The Denizens of the Deep is a map-based campaign based on the rules in Chapter 2 of The General’s Compendium (TGC). This campaign is set underground, and included here are special rules that detail the mysterious, frightening, and often dangerous realm beneath the Warhammer world. Also included are special downloadable map tiles that add a new dimension to the map-based campaign rules from TGC. As the players’ banners explore the underground caverns and expand their realms, more tiles are added to the map to represent newly discovered areas and formerly unexplored territories. Players will require a copy of TGC and the Warhammer in a Flash rules found in White Dwarf 288 (pp. 48-51) to play this campaign. Unless noted otherwise below, all of the map-based campaign rules in TGC apply to the Denizens of the Deep campaign.

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This download includes

  • HTML version of the DotD site
  • PDF version of the DotD site
  • Printer-Friendly Rules
  • Printer-Friendly Scenarios Bundle
  • Map Sections 2 (map_sections_4.pdf)
  • Printer-Friendly Map Counters
  • Map Sections 1 (map_sections_5.pdf) – OOPS!  We’re actually missing this!  If you can help please email me!
  • Map Sections 3 (map_sections_3.pdf) – OOPS!  We’re actually missing this!  If you can help please email me!
  • Special Map Sections 1 (map_sections_2.pdf) – OOPS!  We’re actually missing this!  If you can help please email me!
  • Special Map Sections 2 (map_sections_1.pdf) – OOPS!  We’re actually missing this!  If you can help please email me!


by Rick Smith & Ken Kennedy @ Games Workshop

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