Battle Across the Realms

a AoS 2.0 progression-based narrative event/campaign for 4+ players

The realms shake as the factions of the mortal realms take up arms once more. Death has struck a blow against the forces of Chaos within the Eight Points. Archaon’s forces, while victorious over Katakros and his Bonereapers, are forced to recoup their power, and in doing so have allowed an opening. Sigmar has been warned of a plot by the Archaon to break open the seal of the Realm Gate into Azyr. The Stormcast Eternals ally with Morathi and the Everqueen and launch a raid deep into the Eight Points to remove the threat. However, Sigmar was deceived, and Morathi set in motion her plans to utilize chaos realmstone to achieve her Godhood. Morathi-Khaine was borne, ascended to Godhood, and has taken the City of Anvigard for her own.

With power dynamics shifting across the Realms, war has erupted as rival factions clash in a bid for power. With the forces of God King Sigmar, and Chaos momentarily distracted, armies and heroes seek their own power within the realms. Some may seek wealth in Ur-Gold and Aether Gold. Others plumb the depths of ancient ruins seeking artifacts to bolster their individual power. Adventurous souls will hear the call of the Forbidden Power of Sigmar, locked away in newly awakened Storm Vaults. New heroes and villains will appear across the realm. Some will rise. Most will fall. So it is, and so it has always been, in the mortal realms. Will you achieve greatness and be honored in the halls of your Gods? Or will your name be lost in carnage of battle? Only time will tell.

The event pack is for a Triumph and Treachery style game with elements of Path to Glory. It is designed for players to create characters that will grow in power. Your heroes progression and success and failures will largely shape your event. Keep notes on what happens with your army game to game, as you may wish to carry this narrative (successes and failures!) into future events. Use the time between games to develop your new lists, advance/edit Narrative Heroes, and determine what realm you will attempt to travel to for your next game. Triumph points have been designed as a currency of the Realms. Use them to improve your narrative character, purchase Treachery cards.

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This was developed by the Rend 4 War Gaming group.  Check them out on Facebook here!


by Neil Larocca, Dave Roke, Chuck Moore, and Matt Hayward @ Rend 4 War Gaming

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