Supplementum Red Hunters

a WH40k 9e codex supplement for the Red Hunters Space Marine chapter

The Red Hunters are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of shrouded origins, that has strong ties to the Holy Ordos of the God-Emperor’s Inquisition. What little is known about the Red Hunters Chapter suggests that it may have been founded immediately following the Horus Heresy, and was intended to hunt down and eliminate the Traitor Legions, and the wider threats to the Imperium of Mankind. As such the Red Hunters have a long history of putting itself at the service of the Imperial Inquisition, and the entire Chapter has been known to serve under the command of an Inquisitor Lord on certain occasions. In fact, so strong are the links between this ancient Chapter and the three great Inquisitorial Ordos many rumours abound that it was founded at the request of the Inquisitorial Representative on Terra. If true there exists a pact between the Inquisition and the Red Hunters for mutual support and the undertaking of joint Imperial Task Force operations.

This document contains all of the rules and additional datasheets that you will need in order to fight battles as the Space Marines of the Red Hunters Chapter. This is intended to serve as a fan-made Codex Supplement to compliment those rules and datasheets contained within the 9th Edition WH40K Codex: Space Marines. Where such overlap occurs those parent rules & datasheets will be found in that parent volume instead of being republished here, except in those circumstances where such reproduction is of benefit to the completeness of the Supplementum. In such instances the rules common to those described below are referenced in Codex: Space Marines as well as in any of the unique datasheets presented here.

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