A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn

an official Warcy scenario, for four players, with NPC undead!

In the Realm of Death, upon the storm-battered cliffs of Szargorond Island, lies the cursed city of Ulfenkarn. Here is a fell place that few mortals dare to tread, and those unfortunates who reside here are condemned to a dark and terrible fate. Ulfenkarn is the forsaken domain of the Vampire Lord Radukar, who rules from the looming Ebon Citadel and demands a relentless tithe of blood from the populace.

Lured by rumours of wealth unimaginable, your warband has come to the city and now searches for the grounds of the ruined Ven Silveren estate. To your disdain, you learn that three of your rivals pursue the same treasure, and so a desperate race begins, for when night falls in Ulfenkarn you do not wish to be out on the streets…

This is a narrative campaign for 4 players, each player taking the role of a warband intent on being the first to locate the Ven Silveren estate amidst the dark streets of Ulfenkarn and seize the wealth rumoured to lie hidden in the household crypts. The campaign lasts for 4 battles in total, making for a perfect weekend of gaming. During the campaign, your warband will fight each of your rivals in turn before a final climactic battle is fought between all 4 players over the grounds of the Ven Silveren estate itself.

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by Sam Pearson @ Games Workshop


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