Badab Campaign

a multi player WH40k 7e narrative campaign

This Badab War campaign, loosely based off of the Badab War from Imperial Armor 9 and 10 from Forge World, is about a civil war that takes place in the Badab Sector that in the original narrative features imperial forces fighting imperial forces.  This campaign adapts the background to forge our own narrative. While it is still largely about imperials fighting imperials, we make accommodations for all factions.

This campaign is designed to use Warhammer 40k 7th edition as well as Cityfight, Planetstrike, Kill Team, and Zone Mortalis as well as Battlefleet Gothic.  You do not need to play Battlefleet Gothic and can just stick primarily to 40k if you wish, but fleet battles will play a prominent role in this campaign.

You can also find this file on Scribd here!


by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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