Escape from Tar-Shadar

a 3 mission narrative campaign for Star Wars: X-Wing

It is a time of open rebellion. The imperial forces led by Darth Vader scour the remote outer rim systems for any signs of rebel activity. It is in the Tar-Shadar sector that they find it.

Tar-Shadar is an outer-rim world specializing in spice export and trade goods, and ruled by a Syndicate Gangster known as Aquilla the Hutt. Rebel forces have established a small base of operations on one of Tar-Shadar’s three moons, using the immense traffic from the trade routes as a cover to their presence.

Imperial Forces have entered the system, spearheaded by the Star Destroyer Dominus, in an effort to sniff out any potential rebel presence. Upon detecting the imperial star destroyer’s presence in system, rebel command has decided to evacuate the moon-base and rendezvous at another site, as was the protocol of moving from base to base to shake pursuit and detection.

The Tar-Shadar Campaign event tells the narrative of the escape from the Tar-Shadar system over the course of three rounds.  The event consists of three rounds of variable points values.

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by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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