Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos

a multi player narrative campaign for WHFB 8e

I send this letter to you commander in the hopes that it reaches you before you and your men cross over into Stirland. You carry more with you than just the black and gold standard of Nuln. You carry the hopes of the peoples of this empire. You carry the songs of wives who will be clinging to the hopes of seeing their husbands once more. You carry the dreams of children who wish to see their fathers once more.

Remember commander, that you walk into the den of evil itself when you cross into the northlands and confront the enemy on his ground. Wear your faith as your shield, let your allies stand next to you and may your swords, hammers, and axes never waver.

Our armies must prevail commander. You must defeat the evil spawned from the north as the men before you have done and have done for every generation since Sigmar.

May fortune walk forever with you

~Cardinal Dassius, College of Sigmar

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by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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