Apocrypha Necromunda: Spiders of the Sump

Necromunda is in disarray after an assassination attempt on Lord Gerontius Helmawr. His successors scrabble in a power vacuum that is rapidly filling with bitter conflict, while a mysterious prophet has led a massive pilgrimage to Temenos with explosive results. If that all sounds like a bad time for your gang, you’re probably right. Much safer to build a raft out of junk and shove off into the sump seas to hunt for giant spiders with eyes like diamonds. Yes. That sounds much safer.

In this scenario, two gangs fight it out for survival on the midnight seas of the great subterranean sump, in the deepest depths of the underhive.

This download includes

  • a new scenario: Midnight Sea
  • rules for creating Sludge Barges and Scrap Skiffs for sump-borne battles
  • rules for the Sump Seas environment, which turns the battlefield into a toxic ocean

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Download Spiders of the Sump directly from Games Workshop here!


by Games Workshop


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