Warhammer Warbands (WHFB 7e)

WHFB 7e rules for creating small Warbands for skirmish combat

Warbands are simply scaled-down Warhammer armies. In essence, Warbands are the same as standard, tournament-sized armies but are simply in a growing stage. The term Warband describes a Warhammer force in the range of 100 to 500 points. Warbands are not quite large enough to be called armies but are big enough for unit-level gaming (as opposed to gaming on the individual-warrior level, as is the case with games like Warhammer: Skirmish or Mordheim). Players can imagine their Warbands as patrols, reinforcements, special contingents sent off to accomplish specific tasks (e.g., raids, sabotage, assassinations), or simply a small force in the growing stages. When you think about the characteristics of the different armies of the Warhammer world, it’s easy to imagine stories for the various types of Warbands: an aspiring Orc Boss and his small mob of recruits, a young High Elf noble out to prove himself with a band of loyal volunteers, or a Captain leading a patrol through the wilds of the Empire.

This download includes Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition rules for creating Warbands.

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Special thanks to Balmonec for making me aware of these rules!

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by Games Workshop

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