Weirdnobz AoS 3.0 Battlepack: Ulgu

a complete custom AoS 3.0 Battlepack, with 3 scenarios, set in Ulgu

“Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin, one cannot be without the other. True power lies in understanding how to harness both and wield them as one.” — Vaulkhar, High Sage of Zortil Kharr

After three General’s Handbooks worth of fighting in the Realm of Ghur–and a desire to flex my game design muscles for our escalation league–I decided to write my own battlepack. But where to set it? I really loved the Shadespire and Harrowdeep boxed sets for Warhammer: Underworlds and coming up with mechanics based around the Realm of Shadows seemed like a ton of fun. Thus Battlepack: Ulgu was born. This is a complete battlepack with everything you need to play and a bit more. I wanted to push the boundaries of what a battlepack can do and change the status quo of typical Age of Sigmar games. Tired of Battle Regiments dictating turn order? Me too. And why do Wizards have all the fun? Priests get some much needed love here. Playtesting is ongoing and additional battleplans are coming soon so keep an eye out. If you played this and have feedback, I’d love to hear it. Reach out on Twitter or drop me an email.

Till next time,
– V (aka “The Harrower”)

The version available here at TCRepo is 1.1.

Downloaded the latest version of this document and see more of the Weirdnobz Gaming Aids at their site here!


by Weirdnobz

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