You’re a Mean One

a Christmas themed two player scenario for Hordes

Wurmwood and his merry band of Circle carolers are preparing to celebrate Giving Day in style! Tharn children wait to open their presents of bone and blood under the joyously decorated Tree of Fate. Unfortunately for them, the leader of a nearby mob is feeling particularly grouchy this season and will not tolerate their good times. In fact, it has enlisted the aid of an especially devious grymkin who specializes in ruining Giving Day… the Grymch.

In You’re a Mean One, players battle to save or ruin Giving Day in this Undercity one-shot scenario featuring a villainous Krampus, and a wintery Theme Force card for a Trollkin Skinner!

Originally featured in No Quarter #63, this download contains the following files originally available at the Privateer Press site here:


by Privateer Press

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