Battle for the Athanc

an official GM'd map campaign for Warmachine and Hordes

“Battle for the Athanc” is a Game-Mastered map-based campaign for WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Unlike a standard game of WARMACHINE/HORDES in which players meet and play a one-off engagement with no long-term consequences outside the victory or defeat at the table, a single game is only a small part of the overall campaign experience.

In this campaign, players don’t take command of a single force for a single engagement. Instead, they are in command of entire armies that represent a significant portion of their faction’s military might. And in addition to playing games of WARMACHINE and HORDES every round, players also make strategic decisions and make and break alliances, managing their faction’s resources and allegiances to claim overall victory at the campaign’s close. In this setting, a single victory or defeat is but one step on the path to total victory.

Originally featured in No Quarter #65, this download contains the following files originally available at the Privateer Press site here:

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by Privateer Press

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