WHFB Warfront

a WHFB map campaign framework

Want to join a narrative map campaign, but don’t want to go through the hassle of learning all sorts of complicated campaign rules? Just want to play a pick-up game, but wish there could be a bit more story driving the battle? Want to interact with your Warhammer gaming group but can’t manage to all get together on the same day?

WARFRONT is a free-form map campaign framework that uses all games played in a gaming club to determine the outcome of a large territory war between Alliances. Players just need to pick where they want to fight, use the special rules that apply to that location, and if the challenging player wins, the map region changes hands. Players’ armies belong to one of the Alliances, and each game contributes to that team’s territorial gains. You can even play as different sides on different days, depending on which armies you feel like fielding!

While WARFRONT was designed for 8th edition WHFB, it should be compatible with most older editions as well.

Check out the Age of Sigmar version of Warfront here!

Read more about both version of Warfront here!


by Nuno Martins (Warhammer Narratives)


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