Warhammer Warbands (WHFB 6e)

WHFB 6e rules for creating small Warbands for skirmish combat

Multiplayer tabletop battle games are always something of a challenge for players and games designers alike. The simple fact is that most battle games are designed for two players and two players alone. Whenever a third (or fourth, or fifth…) player is introduced, some very fundamental game mechanics have to be changed. These changes can introduce confusion and unfairness into what was, in the original two-player version, a relatively fair and balanced system.

However, multiplayer games can still be fun to play and are often the only option when an odd number of players show up for an evening’s gaming. Players should begin multiplayer games with the understanding that they generally won’t be as equitable and elegant as the standard one-on-one match up. However, multiplayer games can be a fun alternative to more standard games of Warhammer. On the next few pages, we discuss two general approaches toward multiplayer battle gaming, the first of which is generally more fair and competitive than the second. We also suggest some ways that these approaches can be used for games of Warhammer warbands.

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